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Eighth Night for Ethan, Battle of the Schools

December 12, 2017

Hello everyone!

Our names are Daniel Shapiro and Zack Berger. We are seniors at Wyoming High School and Sycamore High School, respectively. Our friendship started at Rockwern Academy, formerly Yavneh Day School, in 2005. Rockwern/Yavneh sparked many lasting friendships for our classmates. Four and a half years ago, our fellow classmate, Ethan Kadish, was struck by lightning while at summer camp, resulting in traumatic brain damage. This tragic event has left Ethan and his family with extensive medical annual costs of over $100,000 after insurance.  
Every year since Ethan’s accident, we have celebrated the 8th night of Hanukkah in honor of him with both a fundraiser and Hanukkah celebration. Please consider donating what you would spend on gifts for your family’s 8th night celebration to Help Hope Live in Ethan’s honor. This event and your donation are crucial for helping alleviate the Kadish’s financial burden.
As we are now seniors, our last year together before mo…

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