Eighth Night for Ethan

Dear Team Ethan, 

We are so thankful and grateful for all of your support over these past years. It is difficult to keep this group updated on all that is going on with Ethan, and please know that no news is good  news in our world.  

As we approach the eighth night of Chanukah, we will be recognizing the 10th Annual Eighth Night for Ethan fundraiser on December 25, 2022. All of the fundraisers held in honor of Ethan, are vitally important and allow us to continue to provide him with the best care and treatments  available. Given Ethan’s injuries, he will require care and treatment for the rest of his life.  

This year, as we recognize the 10th Annual Eighth Night for Ethan, we wanted to do something  to give back to the Team Ethan community. We are renting out a local movie theater in Cincinnati and will treat our Team Ethan community to a recently released movie and some  snacks.  

Please pre-register for this special event by December 23rd at this link: bit.ly/TeamEthan2022 

Once we receive your registration details, we will share the specifics of the event with you. You can plan on a late afternoon movie, beginning at 4pm. We will be lighting the Chanukah menorah in-person and via Facebook Live @jointeamethan following the movie.

Donations to Ethan’s campaign with  

Help Hope Live are welcome using this QR code. 

We thank you for all of your support and look forward to seeing you on December 25th.

With love, 

Alexia and Scott

Donations made in honor of a specific individual, or in response to campaign solicitations, are restricted by region  only and do not obligate Help Hope Live to allocate funds towards a specific individual, as the IRS would deem such  donations to be private gifts, which are not tax deductible. Clients receive support according to their medical and  financial need. Help Hope Live is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Information: 800.642.8399.