About Ethan

On June 29, 2013, at URJ-GUCI, a summer camp near Indianapolis, a sudden burst of lightning struck on the athletic field where Ethan was out enjoying some Ultimate Frisbee with other campers. Everything changed for Ethan in that one moment. He was taken in critical condition to the local Children's Hospital, where the doctors and nurses worked around the clock to stabilize him and assess his injuries. Ethan suffered a severe brain injury as a result of the lightning strike.
We have been humbled from the outpouring of care and concern; from the camp community, from the greater Indianapolis community, from our Cincinnati community, from family and friends, and from around the world. 
Ethan has been participating in a myriad of therapies to help him re-establish basic functions within his brain, and recently began to answer simple yes/no questions by blinking his eyes.
It costs over $100,000 each year to support Ethan's uninsured medical expenses. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Help Hope Live in honor of Ethan to ensure that he gets the best care available so that he can keep making progress. All contributions are held by Help Hope Live in the Great Lakes Catastrophic Injury Fund and are administered by Help Hope Live for injury-related expenses only.

Any size donation is greatly appreciated.
To make your tax-deductible donation Donate Here and to learn more about Ethan's Story, our Facebook page.

Thank you,
Alexia and Scott Kadish