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The Cold Hard Facts - 5 Years

We are now more than 5 years post Ethan’s injury. We are enormously grateful for all of the love we continue to receive from our family, our community and Team Ethan. Your generosity and support have kept our family grounded.

Ethan has remained hospital-free over the past 1.5 years! We are focused on providing Ethan with the therapies and care needed to remain comfortable. Your past and future support provide us with the resources to continue these services.

As we approach the 6th Annual Eighth Night for Ethan, we wanted to summarize why we keep pursuing these fundraising events – not by choice, but by necessity.  

Ethan continues to be covered by three different health insurance policies (private insurance, Medicaid and a program for children in the state of Ohio). These three policies cover about 90% of Ethan’s care; the other 10% is paid by funds we raise through Help Hope Live or from out-of pocket payments.  
For the past 5 years, Ethan’s cost of care has exceeded $1,000,000 per…

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