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June 29, 2021 – Eight Years – 2,922 Days

I dread the end of June. Putting a layer of protection around my heart, I wish away the final days, hoping to leapfrog across to July. Truth be told, grief is a lonely road. Traveling this long distance for eight years now, with countless bumps, sudden drops, and no posted speed limit, brings its own type of fatigue. This is a topic my dear friend and rabbi, Sissy Coran – her memory will always be for a blessing – and I would talk about at length. Trying to articulate the weight of this grief was often difficult – Ethan is still here with us; yet, is he? Sissy would periodically send articles, sometimes with the lead in of “I found this article” or “I think this says some things we have been trying to say.” She steered us to understand a type of grief known as unconventional, or ambiguous, grief. Today I searched once again and found an article that helps explain this type of grief—I wish I could share this piece with Sissy. Instead, I share this article with anyone who may find comfor

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