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Eighth Night for Ethan, Battle of the Schools -- Remarks from Alexia and Scott Kadish

Tonight is a milestone—tonight marks the fifth  Eighth Night for Ethan. Prior to the first, we had written remarks, but Ethan’s body decided that the hospital was where we needed to be that night, instead of celebrating the last night of Chanukah with the community which had already done so much to support us. Thanks to our oldest son, Zakary, those remarks were still delivered, and a beautiful tradition was started.
Fortunately, we are here tonight, as one family, celebrating a holiday that has come to mean so much more to us than just the Miracle of Lights.
When speaking about the story of Chanukah, many like to focus on the messages of “a light in the darkness,” or “hope where there was none,” or “the miracle of oil.” Although it plays second fiddle to these themes, friendship, and unity, play a tremendous role in the Chanukah tale. It takes a special kind of bond to fight together against a well-trained Greek army, and the bonds of friendship—the brotherhood of the Maccabees—won t…

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