Lions and Tigers…and Votto…oh my!

Oct 14, 2013 10:11pm

Day 108
Today was a huge day for Ethan. We had scheduled an outing with our
Recreational Therapist to visit the zoo. These “field trips” are an
important part of re-entry into the community for a family and we were
fortunate to have us all together! Zak and Elyse had the day off from
school (thanks Columbus), so we loaded the Cincinnati Children’s bus
with the five of us, and Nana and Papa for the short five-minute drive
to the zoo. 
kids who made it all around the zoo with their heads held high! Not
that it wasn’t without challenge, but the level of confidence this
built in each of us was amazing. We learned a lot from the experience
and have some strategies for the next outing. How liberating it felt
to have Ethan outside of the hospital for over 2.5 hours!
What an adventure! We were so proud of all three of our
Just before heading out to the zoo, we welcomed a very special visitor
to Ethan’s room. Joey Votto (1st baseman for the Cincinnati Reds,
shares his #19 with Ethan–just look at your Team Ethan t-shirt) took
time out of his busy schedule to come meet Ethan and our family. We
only learned about this visit hours before it happened and we were
extremely touched by his quiet and compassionate nature. We want to
thank Joey Votto, Jill Miller (from The Joey Votto Foundation),
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Child Life Services and any others who
helped make this visit possible.
Time as a family outside the hospital gives us strength,
Alexia and Scott