Figuratively Speaking…

Day 138
…I am at the airport, running to catch my flight. I'm afraid I will miss it, as I've had to change terminals several times already and the departure times keep pushing back as well. I finally reach the gate and see that the doors are closing. I call out, "Please wait for me, I'm coming!" I realize I'm juggling more baggage than they're going to allow me to board with, but I'll deal with that. As I'm about to board the flight, three airport representatives—from different departments—call my name and ask me to stop. They tell me they've got special instructions that I must remember before boarding my flight. And then they start talking to me, each one speaking a different language. "Have you got any questions?" they ask. I say "no" but in my head I'm screaming "yes!" I need to catch this flight. I finally get to my seat, my baggage scattered all over the plane. There will be time to organize that later. My head is still spinning from the instructions and I hope I will remember all of them when I arrive at my destination. I hear the pilot's voice through the speakers and she says, "Welcome to flight #1115, or maybe #1118, or even #1120, with nonstop service to Destination Unknown." Next the flight attendant covers the safety precautions. When he talks about the oxygen mask, I am reminded to place mine on first in case of emergency. I'll try to keep that in mind.
Then he says, "Today we welcome a special group of passengers from Team Ethan." At that moment I look up and notice for the first time that everyone on board is from Team Ethan. I take a deep breath and know that it will be ok.

Trying to take slow breaths while staying strong,
Alexia and Scott

We are moving…
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