Welcome Back to the Rehab Unit

Nov 5, 2013 9:54 PM
Day 130
NOTICE: As we prepare for Ethan to return to our home next week, we are changing how we keep all of you (our new family) updated on Ethan’s progress. Later this week or over the weekend, you will be added to Ethan’s new web page where we will provide updates on Ethan’s progress. If you receive notices today, you will receive similar notices from Join Team Ethan in the future. Also, please Facebook Page . We plan to use both the web page and Facebook for updates once Ethan is discharged from the hospital. These platforms will allow us to share more details with you including pictures, video and better link other stories to our updates. We thank the creators and administrators of Caring Bridge for allowing us to keep all of you posted on Ethan’s continued progress!
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Today Ethan was “kicked out” of the PICU. We were grateful to the PICU team for providing Ethan the excellent monitoring he needed over the weekend, and so excited to leave the unit and head back to the familar Rehab Floor. The overall coordination and collaboration between all of the various medical teams continues to provide Ethan with the best possible care. In the afternoon Ethan restarted his daily therapy schedule and will have a full day of therapies tomorrow. Additionally, he started receiving feeds again (poor guy has been without feeds since early Thursday morning ahead of his surgery).
From what we know right now, we expect Ethan to keep his current discharge date of Nov 12 (one week from today).
Stay Strong,
Alexia and Scott