Ethan Update – 11:45PM

Ethan is back in his PICU Room recovering from his
emergency surgery. We continue to be thankful for the skill and wisdom of Ethan's Medical Team and the outpouring of support and strength we receive from the ever growing Team Ethan. THANK YOU for all of your support tonight as we celebrate the miracles of the eighth night of Hanukkah and our hope for our own miracles in the future. We have gained new strength from all of the celebrations taking place for the Eighth Night for Ethan. #8NE #8forEthan. 

Ethan will now recover in the PICU for many days and remain in the hospital for several weeks as he fights his current infection and works to avoid new ones. Tonight he is on a ventilator and initiating many breathes on his own. Unfortunately, we have been here before and know that these next few days and weeks are again critical ones in Ethan's journey toward recovery. We take strength from your positive thoughts and prayers – keep them coming. Ethan continues to show us that he is a fighter.
 Staying as strong as possible,
Alexia and Scott