Shabbat Shalom

What a difference a week makes. Last Shabbat was the first one where all five of us were at home. We used a special set of candlesticks that Zakary had brought home from Israel over the summer. These were the ones designated for use on our first family Shabbat after Ethan's discharge from the hospital. It was a magical moment, being all together, first lighting the 3rd night's candles for Chanukah, then the Shabbat candles. 
This evening we once again welcomed Shabbat in the hospital. One of the fabulous hospital chaplains at Cincinnati Children's Hospital made sure we had candles to "light" for Shabbat, and Cedar Village Retirement Community in Mason has been wonderful in bringing us supplies each week to make our Shabbat special
(challah, juice, fruit, candies). Tonight it was Scott, Ethan and me.
Ethan is in a lot of pain from his surgery. The pain has been escalating since the early afternoon and the hospital staff has been working tirelessly to help manage it. Scott has gone home to spend Shabbat with Zakary, and Elyse is with great friends for Shabbat. While the five of us may not be together for this Shabbat, our hearts are still intertwined.
Ethan finally settled down for a short time when I softly sang "Shema Israel…" The melody is one he has grown up with, and I pray to G-d the words and message are reaching him and helping him to know he is
surrounded in love.
There is strength in familiar blessings,
Alexia and Scott