Back in the Hospital

Amazing how quickly things change.  We know we live in a rapidly changing world but this is a bit too much.

Shabbat Shalom.  Please keep Ethan in your thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday, Ethan woke up not feeling well.  We thought (hoped) he had picked up a stomach bug at school.  Wow – maybe he was doing something normal.  Getting a cold from being around normal germy teenagers.  Wishful thinking.

Remember, Ethan does not take the easy road for anything these days.  So, around 5:30pm Thursday, his Pediatrician's office sent us to the Emergency Department for abdominal x-rays.  We decided to go to the satellite hospital as it would be faster to get things done.  After reading the x-rays, the doctor broke the news to us that they needed to transfer Ethan to the Main Hospital (CCHMC).  We arrived at CCHMC at 11pm and were admitted to a floor room at 1:45am after additional consults and more x-rays.

Ethan is presenting with an obstructed bowel.  He has been admitted to the hospital for observation.  What happens next is unknown.  We are going to try some non-surgical procedures to help.  Surgery will be a last resort.  So – as we have done in the past we wait.  Many questions, few answers.  Ethan Time.

Today marks 9 weeks since Ethan's last discharge.  We finally feel semi-adjusted at home.  Ethan has made big improvements in his comfort level, his feeding has greatly improved and he has yet to develop a fever at home.  Progress – one step at a time.

So, we will start over.  Can we pass 9 weeks once Ethan is discharged?

Please say a prayer for Ethan this evening.

Searching for strength,

Alexia and Scott