HELP US Make New Connections

Help TEAM ETHAN expand its connections.  Today we have 3,743 LIKES 

for Ethan's Facebook , many more following his blog page, and others checking-in on his HelpHOPELive donor page.  We know the power in numbers, the power in connections.  We have been blessed by having all of you follow Ethan’s story and helping out in ways that have been just amazing.  Thank You does not come close.
Help TEAM ETHAN make more connections.  The power of multiplication.  Can we turn 3,743 Likes into 7,484 Likes or more – remember you tell two friends and they tell two friends….?  Help TEAM ETHAN gain more followers – on our blog page or Facebook page or both.
As we approach the 1 Year Anniversary (June 29) we have so much to be thankful for, so much we do not understand, so many unknowns and much to fear.  The number of questions outweigh the number of answers.  We keep centered around Ethan Time.  And we know we need the help of all of you to make a difference – for Ethan, for us, for our entire family. 
Ethan continues to show us that he is making connections to his surroundings.  This past week we experienced more recognition of familiar music and sounds.  He also showed understanding when asked to stick out his tongue to continue listening to a song from the Music Man, the play he performed in last year (April 2013).  Ethan also seems to be trying to form sounds – maybe trying to find his voice.  Today, Ethan now smiles and laughs more often than expressing discomfort.  The therapies Ethan is receiving are all focused on establishing new connections.  His medical team told us early that the work ahead was to help Ethan’s brain establish new connections and pathways.  May Ethan continue to make new connections each day!!!
We have learned and witnessed the power of Connections too.
  During these past 11 months we could not have sustained ourselves without the Community that surrounds us each and every day.  THANK YOU!

We look forward to more connections in the future,
Alexia and Scott