Eighth Night for Ethan 2 — Update

The results are in….The Eighth Night for Ethan campaign was a success!!  You all helped Team Ethan raise $18,000 on the Eighth Night of Chanukah.  THANK YOU! 
Contributions and pictures of families supporting Ethan came in from all over the United States, from California to New York and from all over the world in places like Israel, the Caribbean, and Europe.
The $18,000 raised is significant in many ways.  The number 18 represents “Chai” – the Hebrew word for Life.  Ethan is working so hard to regain life in 2015.  These funds will be used for Specialized Therapies in Philadelphia later this year ($12,000), 115 hours of home nursing ($4,000) and home therapy equipment ($2,000). 
This is a great start to 2015 and a step forward toward our estimated annual needs of $150,000.
We are touched by everyone’s generosity.
To Life,
Alexia and Scott