Ethan Update – Feb 1

We are at a loss for words, and no energy for creativity. After a grueling 2015 which included 7 hospital admissions, one abdominal surgery, a broken humerus and countless doctor and therapy appointments, it was our hope and prayer that 2016 would be better.
Success? Ethan did give Alexia the birthday gift she wanted – a hospital free birthday. However, Ethan's body just could not make it a hospital free January. You see, Ethan has been hospitalized every January since his accident in 2013.
Yesterday, January 31, Ethan was admitted to the hospital with abdominal issues. X-Rays and a CT scan confirm some type of blockage. The doctors are hopeful that a bowel rest program will alleviate Ethan's issues and discomfort. If not, another surgery may be in his future.
As always we gain a tremendous amount of energy and support from Team Ethan. We will always be forever thankful for your thoughts, prayers and help in so many ways.
With love and continued strength,

Alexia and Scott