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Ethan's Eighth Night For Israel

  A little over ten years ago, Scott and I sat around a long table filled with people from all parts of the Cincinnati Jewish community–the purpose was to define and create a fundraising opportunity to help cover uninsured medical costs for Ethan. Around that table, Eighth Night for Ethan was born, and volunteers worked tirelessly to bring the event to fruition for the first time. Interest in the event was great, and the community (local, national, worldwide) participated with donations, photos, and love. I remember being in that initial meeting and thinking that someday, when Ethan was healed, it would be so nice to turn Eighth Night for Ethan into a Foundation of Miracles and let him choose a direction for the donations to impact. Unfortunately, that dream hasn’t happened and Eighth Night for Ethan has been an incredible way to remain connected with the community who has surrounded us in love and support for all of these years.   This year is different. Our world is different. Ou

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