Home Again - Part 2

Our detour back to the hospital is over and we have headed home once again, this time armed with even more knowledge and confidence in caring for Ethan. While in the hospital we were not sitting idly by; rather, we fine-tuned his list of medications, had a full GI investigation into his ongoing stomach issues and essentially made a change from a G-tube to a G-J tube (for those interested in the mechanics of this I’d suggest a Google search). Already he seems much more comfortable and we are cautiously optimistic that this was the right protocol. Many of Ethan’s doctors have commented over the months that medicine is as much art as it is science. We try different things and pray that eventually we get it right. Along with getting Ethan more comfortable, at the forefront of our mind these last several days was the hope of being home before Chanukah/Thanksgiving, which thankfully we are going to be, all the while being mindful that we are still on Ethan Time.
Going strong,
Alexia and Scott
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