Stay Tuned.....

Day 140
Remember a couple of months ago when Ethan was plagued with kidney stones? That's NOT the problem today, but because of medications he's on to prevent further kidney stones, he is having difficulty maintaining healthy levels of potassium. Potassium is vital for heart function. Period. Ethan will not be coming home until his levels are stable. They are heading in a positive direction and the doctors want to see them remain there for a few days before he's signed off for discharge. And so we wait, and continue to prepare the house for his homecoming.
Now we're at the fine-tuning stage. The construction is finished (and looks great!), supplies are arriving daily and we are rapidly being taught on their usage. Now we just need our young man.
Stay tuned and Shabbat Shalom,
Alexia and Scott

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For those interested in assisting with Ethan’s medical care, please make a tax deductible contribution to HelpHOPELive, the nonprofit organization that is helping the Kadish family with Ethan's out-of-pocket medical expenses.