More Prayers for the Eighth Night for Ethan

Eighth Night for Ethan is turning out far different than anticipated. Ethan has been taken to the OR for emergency surgery. His abdominal CT showed areas of concern – air has leaked into his body, which means there is a perforation somewhere. Our prayer tonight is for the surgeon to discover the hole and fix it. The surgery is not without great risks; however doing nothing is not without great risks as his abdomen continues to swell making it more difficult for him to breathe. Please help us to remain strong by keeping Ethan even higher in your prayers. Before being taken into the OR, we paused by Ethan's bedside to light the eighth night candles
with the electric menorah we used last night. Still praying for Chanukah miracles that will sustain us throughout this year…

We are sustained by your prayers and words of strength,
Scott and Alexia