First Few Days

Well, with one weekend under our belt we are entering a very busy week, full of doctors’ appointments (4 over two days), therapy visits (3 evaluations for PT/OT and Speech), a home visit by Ethan’s Care Manager and generally getting settled in to a home routine. Our strength was tested right out of the gate, as we were without nursing coverage for 24 of our first 32 hours in the house. Unfortunate is a softer word than I was uttering when I first learned of this, but what was the choice? Armed with a wonderful neighbor, who also happens to be a nurse, we got through the first overnight hours and then Scott and I tag-teamed throughout the day on Saturday until our coverage started at 11pm Saturday. Not that it wasn’t a completely overwhelming and exhausting experience, here are some things we learned: we can do a lot more than we originally imagined; we are a more solid team than we gave ourselves credit for; and we didn’t break him! 

The excitement of the Super Bowl could be felt throughout the house Sunday night as Scott’s

hometown team delivered a win, and now we are at Monday, the start of a very full week. Scott has gone to work and I am working with one of our new members of Team Ethan – nursing division. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

Staying strong one step at a time,
Alexia and Scott