Philadelphia – Week 2

Ethan has once again proven his ability to adapt to his environment and give it his all. He has now lived at the Sonesta ES Suites in Malvern, PA for two weeks (one more to go) sleeping on a comfortable hotel bed. He continues to make progress and improvements as he receives Myofascial Release treatments three hours a day, Monday through Friday.
 Team Ethan – Philly has DELIVERED in so many ways. This diverse group of supporters is made up of old friends and new ones all willing to give us unconditional help that makes our time away from home easier. There are also many Philadelphians who have shown us support and many more who have worked behind the scenes whom we have not even met. To all of you – THANK YOU!!!  You have made a huge difference in our time in Philadelphia, allowing us to focus on what we came here to do – helping Ethan find comfort and putting him back on a path of rehabilitation.
 The weather continues to be cool, which Ethan prefers. Ethan struggles to regulate his body temperature which is running on the hot side these days. Therefore, he prefers the cold. This past weekend was filled with exercises and football – no history lessons.
 As Monday approaches, we are anxious to see what week 3 will bring. We are confident it will bring more improvement to Ethan's tight muscles. Please keep in mind when we see improvement it means Ethan is moving toward being more comfortable. He has a long road ahead and we work to celebrate every milestone of improvement we can. At this point our main objective is to avoid back surgery and the treatments he is receiving look to be helping against this goal.

Looking forward to another stretching week,
Alexia and Scott