8 Nights of Candles Burning Bright

As we light our first candles, and the light begins to grow, think about the 8th Night and a new light for Ethan.

 We knew there was enough oil to last the first night, but it was the second night that something wonderful was beginning to happen…

As we light our candles on the third night of Chanukah, we think about three actions: courage, re-dedication…and rebuilding. That's what Eighth Night for Ethan is all about.

 Shabbat Shalom. The shammas kindles the light. Our four candles show us how far we have come toward Ethan's 8th Night, but tonight's Shabbat candles unite all of us in prayer and hope…everywhere, everyday. 

 The candles are getting very bright now, so let's search for each other. Reach out to your friends and share the story of 8th Night for Ethan.   

A sixth candle on the longest night. As the days start to grow longer, help Ethan's days get brighter, full of possibilities and hope. On Tuesday, please donate and share your pictures and light here on Eighth Night for Ethan….and help hope live. 

Now the line of candles is beginning to dance together
as one brilliant flame. How bright will it be tomorrow, the Eighth
Night for Ethan, with thousands of candles carrying thousands of
prayers of hope to Ethan?  Please give to Help Hope Live, light your
candles, post a photo, and join us our Facebook Page

starting with your sunset …. to see the light growing for the year ahead.

"A candle can signify hope in the darkness.
A candle can provide comfort.
A candle can represent optimism.
A candle can give courage.
A candle can deliver faith.
A candle can keep brightness.
A candle can embody positivity.
A candle can symbolize better days ahead.
When we combine these candles, we see the power in numbers, the power of community. The candles glowing bright remind us that we are not on this journey alone; our flames join together with those candles lit around the world. We encourage you to stand together with our family and see where the power of light can lead us in the coming year."  -Alexia and Scott Kadish