A New Week Ahead — Week #2

Ethan has entered week #2 in the hospital.  We have reunited with old friends (doctors, nurses, dietitians, and others), as Ethan had spent 222 days at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital previously.  As we know all too well, Ethan is in control of his recovery – remember, Ethan Time.

Ethan is recovering from the surgery faster than expected.  However, we have learned from previous experiences that the re-start of Ethan’s GI System (stomach and intestines) is a slow process and one that cannot be rushed.  We need to wait for this key system to awaken and begin functioning again.

Ethan is receiving TPN nutrition through his IV until we can begin re-feeding through his G-Tube.  He is comfortable most of the time and has begun expressing his familiar laugh from time to time.

Now the hard part…waiting.  We wait.  We respect Ethan Time.  We pray for Ethan’s GI System to re-start soon so he, and we, can head home.

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and support.

Staying Strong,
Alexia and Scott