We're Back!

Dear Wonderful Team Ethan Community,
After spending approximately four months “off the radar” we are now back; refreshed (some days), energized (NOT) and ready to resume sharing our journey. Thank you to so many who have been finding ways to check on us, without directly checking on us. We have officially recharged our batteries and are no longer living our day-to-day life on “Low Power Mode”—reference to our last post on February 19, 2016. In the coming days and weeks, we will share more—there’s a lot to catch you all up on—and bring you up to speed on our lives and, most importantly, the progress Ethan is making in his recovery.
To my wonderful husband, Scott, who is the father “extraordinaire” of our three children, I thank you for your partnership in providing a solid foundation for Zakary, Ethan and Elyse.To all of the fathers in our lives, we send wishes for a fabulously relaxing day. We love you all and appreciate everything you do for us.
With continued strength,
Alexia and Scott