New Logo – Same Place – Same Great Care…Here We Go Again

On the evening of Saturday, October 15, Ethan and Scott headed to the Emergency Department (ED) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) as Ethan presented the same GI issues he has presented in the past.  Ethan’s last GI event which resulted in surgery was some 258 days ago.  
After a flurry of tests, fluid replacement, x-rays and a CT scan, Ethan found his way into the PICU with a UTI and concern for a bowel obstruction (Ethan’s nemesis ever since his initial abdominal surgery in December 2013).  Ethan is now on the GI Floor he has spent so much time on over the past +3 years for observation and rest.  So, after a little more than a week as an in-patient at CCHMC, Ethan’s UTI has been resolved with antibiotics.  However, his GI issues have not been resolved, so we wait; we wait for the conclusions of tests to determine if surgery is required or not; we wait to see if we have the strength to go through a 5th abdominal surgery – like we have a choice; we wait to see how long Ethan’s overall admission to the hospital is; we wait and we wait and we wait.
There have been so many changes to CCHMC since Ethan’s last admission in February 2016.  There is a new logo, a new tag line, a new main entrance, a new parking garage entrance, and so much more.
Change is in the air at CCHMC.  What has not changed, is the incredible care Ethan continues to receive.  Whether it is the ED, PICU or the GI Floor, Ethan has the best medical team around him day in and day out – for this we are thankful.
We are slowly reaching out to Team Ethan with help request.  Thank you for your support and efforts to help Ethan and our family.  You can also help by making a tax-deductible contribution to HelpHOPELive in honor of Ethan (  All funds raised go to help with Ethan’s uninsured/uncovered costs of care.
Trying to remain strong,
Alexia and Scott