24 Karat Anniversary

Twenty-four years ago, my amazingly talented sister, Suzanne, of blessed memory, sang me down the aisle to this beautiful song. With my mom on one side and my dad on the other, they escorted me to my beloved, and underneath the chuppah we created our first “home,” promising to love and protect each other. Through the years we have changed homes and cities, added furry friends, and opened our hearts to three children. We have balanced each other and remained in each other’s corner through some of life’s greatest joys and most harrowing challenges. Today we recommit ourselves and look ahead to the coming year. Because we are stronger together, we will stand by each other and continue to move forward.
Celebrating in an unconventional way, we traveled to The Ohio State University with Ethan today, to have modifications made on his wheelchair. Ethan was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago. Having made selected changes to his pain medications, the doctors hope the new combination will keep him comfortable and stable outside of the hospital. At this point we are appreciating each day at home, having all of our kids under the same roof. With comfort topping our list of desires for Ethan at this time, we hope the journey to Columbus will bring him closer to that goal.
To life and love, l’chaim,
Alexia and Scott